Walk-ins & Appointment information

January 2022

Walk Walk Walk-ins available w/ Kino!

Tuesday-Friday 9am-6pm/Saturday 9am-3pm

Proud to introduce new partner Kino the barber!(formerly of Mario’s Barbershop in Nanuet) Call today 845-359-3935

Appointment Option

Appointment Booking Calendar 

  • Walk-ins Available ($$CASH ONLY$$)
  • Appointments Pre-Booked ($35&up)
  • Cancellations require advance notice to avoid fees.

Closed Sunday & Monday


Barbershops provide precise & detailed haircut services and are generally geared toward men and children. Businesses that provide more advanced hair cutting and styling services are referred to as hair salons. Hair salons often encompass professional hair styling services with barber shop style haircutting. Most barbershops welcome walk-in customers and don't require appointments. Barber shops employ licensed barbers specializing in basic hair cutting services and grooming services such as facial hair trimming and shaving. Barber licensing requirements vary from state to state.

In short time Empire State Barbershop has proven itself to be one of the best full service barber shop in the Hudson Valley, comprised of a skillful talented professional staff, high quality of professional service, moderate pricing and integrated customer services.
At our convenient location we offer regular haircuts, fades, long hair cuts, special shaving, hot shaves, scissor cuts and more, all for a moderate price. Our staff is constantly being taught the latest trends in men’s cuts so you need not worry about maintaining your individual look. We can also offer advice on a new look that is right for you according to your age, lifestyle and taste. We are professional barbers and we are here to make you look and feel your best.

If you desire the genuine New York men’s barbershop experience just stop in when you can and one of our skilled cutters will take care of you. You are always welcome to just drop by and we truly look forward to seeing you.

A hair cut is just a hair cut, right? Wrong! At EMPIRE STATE BARBERSHOP, a hair cut is personal ritual, a nostalgic experience harkening back to a simpler day when men gathered at the corner barbershop to discuss everything from business, to sports, to current events. Our barbers provide both traditional, short hair cuts, as well as contemporary and trendy styles. Every hair cut will include a hot lather neck shave and a complimentary hand shake.